Campbell Family Motorsports
Tom Campbell
     Tom's first offroad race was 1975 outside Greensburough, NC. Tom had raced go-carts in his early teens, a VW sand rail in his late teens, and later drag raced a 1967 Firebird while stationed in Va. Beach.

     Tom's first offroad racer was a 1946 Willy's CJ2A. It had a simple rollbar, 225 CID Buick v-6, and was outfitted with 750x16 snow tires. At that time competion offroad tires were not as accesssible as today, neither were winches or "fancy" shocks. Only Big Time racers had those things.

     Flash forward to 2000, the "Tennesee Offroad Challenge" was in it's second year, Tom was determined to be invited. He built a 1984 Bronco2 for the 3 day competition. It had a dana35 front TTB, efi 4.0 liter tramec WC manual 4speed, and 4.10's with Lockrites front and rear. An analog rally computer and a hand held gps assisted in navigation with the topographical maps supplied by the promoters (TOR). He competed 2 years and finished both times - not every competitor could boast that.

     Prior to the TOR there was a 4 wheel drive Jamboree in Canfield, Ohio. The rock crawling event was very inviting. Tom's Bronco2 had just been completed and qualified for the finals on Sunday inspite some "difficulties." The clutch actually caught fire and thte B2 was trailered home.
     Rock crawling was addictive! Tom started building a Ford Explorer based rock buggy. A two seater buggy resulted with 38" tires and still "sporting" a TTB front end. The 2001 4-Wheel Drive Jamboree in Indianapolis had a rock crawling course, it was very popular, and was filmed for TV. Tom and his son-in-law-spotter won first place in the unlimited, and the footage, with interviews aired for a year on television. BAM! Hooked completely!

     ERROC in Jelico, TN was on the agenda. Tom competed every season from then on. The buggy went through several manifestations over the next several years including rear-stear and portal axles. Ultimately Major Rock, a single seat unlimited buggy, was born. Since Tom was a retired Army Major, it seemed a perfect fit. 2014 Major Rock part 2 was completed. Still single seat, unlimted with portal axles.
Tom also became a chaplain for Racers For Christ in 2007 and has served with W.E.Rock as such since then.

Bring on 2017!!!!!!!!!